Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bath & Body Works Fragrance Event

OK, so I am a slacker and I totally forgot to post about this event in time for you lovely readers to take part of but I was there as a last minute decision and hopefully I can explain what went on well enough that you can understand next time you visit. :-)

Yesterday my family and I went to Florence (the biggest city located somewhat close to me) to eat for my sister's birthday. After eating and running a few errands, we headed to the mall to get my mother in law some Cherry Blossom Shower Gel from Bath & Body Works. We walked in the store and I immediately remembered what was going on... Yes, I'm a little slow sometimes.

There was pink everywhere it seemed like and of course that awesome smell that is only at Bath & Body Works hit me in the face as soon as entering. There was a very helpful lady up front to help us and explain everything that was going on. I can't remember her name but I wish I could because she was so helpful. She led us over to a very cute table they had set up with a small one page questionnaire to fill out to find out what Fragrance matches your Personality.

Below is the Fragrance Personality Quiz so you can take it and find out what your scent is!

Do you have a current favorite Bath & Body Works fragrance?

What ingredients do you love?
A. Amber & Woods
B. Florals
C. Citrus & Fruits
D. Vanilla & Musk

You want you fragrance to make you feel:
A. Daring & Sensual
B. Feminine & Flirty
C. Refreshed, Sporty & Clean
D. Warm & Cozy

You like to wear fragrance to:
A. Be noticed & express myself
B. Complete my look
C. Feel fresh & invigorated
D. Be at peace

What does "me-time" mean to you?
A. Hunting for a hot pair of stilettos
B. Treating myself to a bouquet of flowers
C. A brisk jog in the park
D. My tub overflowing with bubbles

How long do you like you fragrance to last?
A. Long -lasting all day
B. Lingers on my clothes in a subtle way
C. When I first put it on then it disappears
D. A few hours

What best describes your signature style?
A. Minis, Skinny Jeans, Heels
B. Ruffles, bows, florals
C. Jeans & tees
D. Casual, cozy, cashmere


Mostly A's - I ♥ Sexy Fragrances
You are Sexy, Seductive, and Alluring. Discover enticing fragrances that define sexy with just one mist for any occasion.
*Ask a Sales Associate to direct you to the Sexy Fragrances*

Mostly B's - I ♥ Romantic Fragrances
You are a hopeless romantic who loves the dreaminess of love's sweet spell. Discover your eau so feminine favorite fragrance for any occasion.
*Ask a Sales Associate to direct you to the Romantic Fragrances*

Mostly C's - I ♥ Fresh Fragrances
You have a fresh and playful personality... always young at heart. Discover fragrances that make you feel like you live every day on the sunny side.
*Ask a Sales Associate to direct you to the Fresh Fragrances*

Mostly D's - I ♥ Cuddly Fragrances
You are a cuddler who's welcoming and warm. Discover luxurious fragrances that make you feel comfortable and cozy, sultry and sweet for any occasion.
*Ask a Sales Associate to direct you to the Cuddly Fragrances*

I had (2) A's, (1) C. (1) B, and (2) D's. The Sales Associate we were working with said that I could rock them all and so I was willing to try some new different ones then sticking with just my favorites.

I ended up buying some extra things and I'm so excited to use my new shower gel and matching perfume together. The new fragrance CARRIED AWAY smells awesome!!! I received the Carried Away perfume to review and I'm in love now and am even switching from the perfume I've stuck with for over 5 years to this new Bath & Body Works fragrance.

Ok... So I got a little Carried Away on the purchases... Haha... Carried Away. Get it?

They are having an awesome deal on their Signature Collections right now. Buy 3 Get 2 Free or Buy 2 Get 1 Free. And their hand soaps (which are my favorite) are (5) for $15 or (7) for $20.

Plus yesterday when you bought $15 worth of Signature Collections you got a free bag and free full size lotion to try of their new fragrance coming this Spring -

Country Chic

I gave my bag to my 7 year old niece but I wasn't about to give up the lotion. :-)

Stop in your local Bath & Body Works Store today and pick up some great fragrances for a great price!

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  1. OH, the Carried Away scent smells soooooo good! I went w/a friend, and our Mall has 2 stores, one on top and bottom levels, so I went to the top and used my coupons, stocked up on my 5/$15 soaps, and grabbed the very last tote w/lotion they had. Then went to the one downstairs and they had plenty of totes, and the lady told me that no $15 purch was required, just ANY signaturea purchase, so I picked up a travel sized Carried Away spray and they gave me the tote and lotion..just for $5 total! I SO love Bath and Body Works!!


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